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Don’t Make Me Do It!!!!

Patty / August 16, 2018

  Excuses. We’ve all got ’em. Since I happen to be a human, I frequently put roadblocks in my own way. Fortunately for me, I am aware I am doing it. And then (the hard part) I force myself to do something about it.   I have some big decisions to make. This blog being one of them.   So…

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Math, Montessori Philosophy

The Reason Why the 1000 Chain is NOT a Waste of Time

Week 6, Day 2. As I was zoning out and seriously struggling to pay attention, the painfully looooong presentation Just. Wouldn’t. End. Besides, I could barely make out what she was mumbling. Siebenhundertachtzig… Siebenhunderteinundachtzig… Siebenhundertzweiundachtzig… Suddenly, my eyes got wide. Wait! I can hear it! She’s counting in German! In that moment, my attention immediately zeroed back in on the 1000…

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What is the Method?

How Was Your End of the School Year?

  It’s the end of the school year. You must be so ready for summer vacation!   The kids must be climbing the walls!   It’s the beginning of June and everywhere I go, I am met with statements like these. At first, I am puzzled. Then I realize why I am confused. And time seems to slow to a standstill…

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So I Had This Crazy Yoga Idea: Ashtanga Yoga for Elementary Kids

In September, I set a monumental goal. I decided to teach my Elementary yogis Ashtanga Yoga.     If you know anything about Ashtanga (or check out this infographic) , you know precisely why this is a crazy idea. You begin with 5 Sun Salutation As and 5 Sun Salutation Bs, then do a lengthy series of stationary poses, each held for…

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Who was Montessori

But She Persisted…

Patty / February 15, 2017

Ok, so that quote sounds a little creepy and ominous, but it made me consider current times and what the future holds for us. Will all these things that we are fighting for matter? Will we learn from our mistakes? Do we actually need prayers from those future people? (gulp) As Montessori Blogger, I often ask myself why I feel…

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An Open Letter to Millennials.

Patty / January 18, 2017

Dear Millennials, Hey. How’s it goin’? Wait! Before you X out of this post, let me start by saying I know you loathe being lumped into this whole “Millennial” thing. (I appreciate you reading this post anyway 🙂 ). Obviously I am not one of you, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing to you, but I want to let you know…

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