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So I Had This Crazy Yoga Idea: Ashtanga Yoga for Elementary Kids

In September, I set a monumental goal. I decided to teach my Elementary yogis Ashtanga Yoga.     If you know anything about Ashtanga (or check out this infographic) , you know precisely why this is a crazy idea. You begin with 5 Sun Salutation As and 5 Sun Salutation Bs, then do a lengthy series of stationary poses, each held for…

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In Defense of Cursive Writing

Patty / September 7, 2016

First day of school. Alarm rings at 5:45. Bleary-eyed, I grab my phone, shut off the beeping and open Facebook to see what the world’s been up to. I was suddenly jolted awake to this: Immediately I felt my blood pressure shoot through the roof. “Facebook, I REALLY don’t need to be seeing this less than two hours before I…

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I Swore I Wouldn’t Write About This.

In the months that it took me to launch this blog, I came to one absolute, definite decision: I was NOT going to talk about yoga. None. No yoga. You see, my previous blog was all about yoga and I decided that I was done writing about that. Two and a half years was plenty, and I was moving on…

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